Welcome to ATL

"Welcome to ATL" is an explosive International Dancehall record by Kwealzyme Tius. The song was released in 2022 as a single of the album.......(. ) This body of work is long over due and Kwealzyme Tius has taken over a decade to prefect not only his craft but also the video accompanying the hit single.The song not only portrays the ATL night life but the beautiful women that make up the scene from AfroAmeriCaribbean and all walks of life . The song celebrates his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and the vibrant culture and musical talent the city cultivates.
Kwealzyme Tius, is a prominent figure in the Music Industry, he is an Atlanta based songwriter, and record producer known for his work with artists like Wyclef (BonDye voye dlo poun te ka eten’ dife) , Jahames and countless others. Kwealzyme is also known and recognized for his distinct style and powerful energetic performances.
"Welcome to Atlanta" the song is also on the for success that can be used in movies soundtrack commercial success and an anthem for the city, showcasing its influence on the first international anthem for the city music scene, for not saying the country The song's catchy chorus and lively beat contributed to its widespread popularity, and it remains a beloved banger among fans of music.
The song's lyrics pay homage to various aspects of Atlanta, and entertainment industry. "Welcome to ATL" effectively captures the essence of the city and its significance in the realm of international music.
Overall, "Welcome to ATL" serves as a tribute to the vibrant culture and influence of Atlanta, and this song makes Kwealzyme Tius as important figures in the city's music scene.

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