Kwealzyme Tius - Biography

Kwealzyme Tius - Biography

Lifelong creative and award-nominated artist, Kwealzyme Tius, stands as the founder and CEO of Napbooley Recordz | Entertainment, bringing an unparalleled infusion of personality and vigor to contemporary music.
With a repertoire of infectious anthems and captivating videos, Kwealzyme consistently delivers uplifting vibes and dancefloor fillers to the music scene, infusing each track with his unmistakable flair. From his distinctive production style to the pulsating rhythms and charismatic vocal delivery, Kwealzyme's sound is instantly recognizable, garnering him hundreds of thousands of streams across various music streaming platforms.

With roots tracing back to his early days as a radio host at the tender age of 17, Kwealzyme's journey has been one of unwavering dedication to the music industry. As the creator, owner, talent, and executive producer of "Vaime Kwealzyme," his inaugural recording "Heroes Of Independence" emerged in 2003, marking the genesis of a lifelong commitment to music.

Throughout his career, Kwealzyme has collaborated with numerous industry luminaries and established his own label and publishing company, showcasing a depth of industry knowledge that rivals his passion for the art of music-making.

Boldness and confidence underscore his approach, evident in his repertoire of dancehall anthems and global music influences that exude boundless energy. Kwealzyme Tius epitomizes the forefront of modern music, with his Leo sign symbolizing strength and his favorite animal, the Lion, embodying ferocity and charm—integral elements of his life philosophy.

His latest single and accompanying video for "Welcome to ATL" serves as a jubilant tribute to his beloved city, Atlanta, Georgia—an homage to its vibrant nightlife, rich culture, and the allure of its native women.

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